Considering employees as the highest value asset, we ensure that all our personnel, guests are not exposed to any health & safety risks within our Yard. We do also comply with all exceeding HSE requirements from the Local / Free Zone Authorities to achieve our HSE goals and acting transparent to our Customers in terms of sharing up-to-date statistics by regular Reports. Principle actions/drills are;

  1. Permit to Work System
  2. HSE statistics
  3. Daily based Safety Evaluation Meetings
  4. Regular Drills
  5. Work Permits (Hot, Cold, Routine works etc)
  6. Staging Control
  7. Working On High Grounds
  8. Entrance to Enclosed Area
  9. Gas Free Report
  10. Risk Analysis and Periodic Maintenance
  11. Emergency Safety Plans
  12. Labor Rights



Our respect for the environment has been documented by State-Issued Environmental Impact Assessment Report.

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