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As ATLAS Shipyard, we’re proud to celebrate the launching ceremony of NB026 – 8.600 Dwt Dry Cargo Vessel and 100th anniversary of as a Republic at the same day, 29 October 2023. We had a very exciting and perfect day with all guests participated.

The Vessel has length of 130.5 meter, width of 15.9 meter and it is equipped with diesel electric propulsion system, 1.800 kW in total. She will be consuming much lower fuel compared to its competitors. She is designed to reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible and to consume more environmental fuels such as methanol instead of fossil fuels.

We are grateful to our valued customer, Longship, for their trust and cooperation and looking forward to expanding our good relations after 4x 8.600 Dwt Dry Cargo Vessel Projects under-construction.